Great FarCry Learning Resources

There's a bunch of great resources for FarCry developers online.  Thought I might put together a quick hit-list of my favourites.

FarCry Cheat Sheet
Get the FarCry developer cheat sheet, print it out and set it beside your keyboard. It will be a great help in getting to grips with FarCry Core

FarCry Custom Google Index
We have a custom search index for all the sites, blogs, and docs from the FarCry community.  Use this search to focus your results (and avoid all those troublesome hits for that first person shooter of a similar name ;)

FarCry Developer Forums
Google group forum for the FarCry developer community

FarCry Developer WIKI
The home of this course, references, tutorials, sample code and the FarCry Contributor Guide

FarCry Core Auto-Docs
Automatically generated docs from the FarCry code base (great for tag, formtool and FAPI options) plus the CFEclipse dictionary for FarCry code

FarCry Committers Blog
Tips and tricks from the FarCry Core development team (you are already here!)


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