Typeahead formtool

This is a new formtool in 6.2 that can be used with uuid and array properties (that means that type="uuid" or type="array", and ftType="typeahead"), turning the field into a type-ahead or autocomplete input.

Unlike the normal uuid and array formtools, typeahead expects a single content type in the ftJoin attribute. We may add support for multiple content types in the future, but one is enough for almost all the use cases of an autocomplete field. It DOES support ftAllowCreate - notice that there is a "Create New Image" option in the above snap.

UUID Field
    name="someImage" type="uuid" hint="Related content items." required="no" default="" 
    ftseq="43" ftfieldset="Related Content" ftwizardStep="News Body" ftlabel="One image"
    fttype="typeahead" ftJoin="dmImage" />

Array Field
    name="multipleImages" type="array" hint="Related content items." required="no" default="" 
ftseq="44" ftfieldset="Related Content" ftwizardStep="News Body" ftlabel="Many images"
  fttype="typeahead" ftJoin="dmImage" />

Put data inline (the above examples make AJAX requests for matches)
  name="anotherImage" type="uuid" hint="Related content items." required="no" default="" 
  ftseq="45" ftfieldset="Related Content" ftwizardStep="News Body" ftlabel="Another image"

  fttype="typeahead" ftJoin="dmImage" ftInlineData="true" />

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