Solr 4 Update for FarCry a longs ways off

Jeff Coughlin, one of the authors of the great FarCry Solr Pro plugin commented recently on support for Solr 4.

Unfortunately it's not a priority for any of our clients at this time, so unless we see something change from one of them, or someone wants to sponsor us to do it, or there is a pull request for it (and probably not done the way we'd like =\), then it might not happen any time soon.

Keep in mind that you can't simply just "upgrade it".  There are changes that are demanding enough to update good portions of code (ie. Currently our plugin uses Solr 3.5.  If we decided to upgrade to 3.6, we'd have to make few minor changes to the way we do stuff just to support that.  Not too bad though - I already tested them when 3.6 came out and they were pretty straight forward).  But if we are going to spend the time to upgrade to Solr 4.0, then we're going to want to sit down and "think tank" some ideas and make sure to take advantage of some of the new features and functionality in 4.0.  So, yeah... probably not any time soon, sorry =\
That said, the current implementation using Solr 3.5 is awesome. Not sure which Solr 4 features a typical publishing platform would be hanging out for.
You can track progress and report issues on Github:


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