FarCry 7.0 Maintenance Releases

We've been quiet on the blog front but maintenance on the p700 branch continues apace.


Couple of recent fixes have patched a number of longstanding bugbears:

iPad support

A strange iFrame scrolling behaviour was blocking any sort of meaningful use of the webtop using an iPad. Clever little CSS trick and the webtop is "fire all boosters" for iPad.

Object Admin Improvements; ie webtop grids

"clear filter" now resets pagination under the advanced filter options and the quick filter now behaves properly with pagination.

Login Performance

Turns out we've been archiving dmProfile records on login. Arggh. Turns out this is a slow process ;) Archive is a standard process for the framework on object change for content items, but its not needed when the lastloggedin field changes.

Note that we still have a high work factor for bcrypt password encryption that could have an impact on high volume login scenarios.

7.0.7 Release

[FC-2932] - Webtop navigation permissions not combining properly for users with multiple roles
[FC-2933] - Role Content Type Security alert() on every click

7.0.6 Release

[FC-2916] - add support for publicfiles/privatefiles locations in bulk upload
[FC-2917] - wrong struct key used in s3.cfc
[FC-2918] - when restireve file from s3, special character in path got normalized
[FC-2921] - file.cfc onSecuirityChange refers to wrong location variable
[FC-2922] - iframe scrolling support for iPad
[FC-2923] - dmProfile records should not be "archived" on login
[FC-2925] - fix caching issue in webtop edit profile form
[FC-2926] - Railo S3 path issue with special characters
[FC-2929] - Fix potential reflected XSS in tray webskins
[FC-2930] - objectadmin advanced "clear filter" should also reset pagination
[FC-2931] - objectadmin quick filter pagination loses search term

Remember the general policy for maintenance releases is that you should be able to update and restart the application -- no schema changes or code breaking updates.

Update now!