FarCry 7.x Contributor Guide

FarCry 7 CMS Contributor Guide has been available for a wee while -- slight oversight that we haven't made it available to the FarCry Community until now!

FarCry 7 Contributor Guide


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FarCry COAPI Helicopter View


The FarCry framework is based on a variation of the classic Model-View-Controller pattern. The COAPI (or Content Object API) is a high level name for the MVC engine inside FarCry. Without getting bogged down in the details of the framework, its good to have a high level or "helicopter" view of how things work under the hood. We expand on these themes gradually as you go through the FarCry developer course.

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FarCry Core 7.1 Release

The FarCry Core 7.1 release adds some cloud friendly improvements, particularly focussing on access to the application scope and some object broker refactoring. There are also many bug fixes and webtop performance tweaks that have been patched recently in 7.0.x maintenance releases.

Overall its a big "under the hood" update with little or no breaking changes.

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FarCry Workbench Project


We want to build a distributable development environment for FarCry with a number of core features:

  • works across Windows, Linux and OSX development workstations
  • only requires a few instructions from a README to get going
  • doubles as a deployment pipeline for updating your production code

It’s part of our goal to have a maximum 4 hour window to project productivity for any employee (no matter how new).

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FarCry 7.0 Maintenance Releases

We've been quiet on the blog front but maintenance on the p700 branch continues apace.

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