True Blue FarCry Core Website

A new, true-blue web site to go with the release of FarCry 7.0.

Daemonite @justincarter crafted the "flat meets farcry webtop" palette design, and deployed the lot into the CloudBees java Paas.

FarCry Core Homepage

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FarCry 7 (codename: Shiny) released

11 years in the making, the long anticipated Shiny release is available. FarCry 7.0 is an incredible achievement; an enterprise level web publishing platform with incredible flexibility. 'Tailor made content management' has truly been the core focus of this Shiny new release.

FarCry 7 Webtop

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FarCry Developer Cheat Sheet v0.1

Blair and the Daemonite team have rustled up a simple two page "cheat sheet" for FarCry developers. The sheet highlights commonly used tags, functions and decorators. It's only a first stab, so let us know what's missing and what you might find useful.

FarCry Developer Cheat Sheet v0.1

FarCry Developer Cheat Sheet

FarCry 7.0: Shiny progress with 'Seedy Nelly'

Work on "Shiny" (FarCry 7.0) has been progressing well, however, we're a bit behind schedule. The alpha release for Shiny is available; it's stable enough for development but missing a couple of major features. You can track progress via commits (

We got sidetracked by a client, and the development of an awesome CDN feature. You can now deploy all images and file assets directly to the CDN of your choice. FarCry supports FTP, S3 and local file storage by default, and can build plugins for other CDN APIs (we have commercial support for Limelight already).

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simpleNav replacement for genericNav

We've been encountering a few issues with single threading of "Query of Queries" on the Railo engine affecting performance on high traffic sites. This lead Daemonite Justin (@justincarter) to refactor the common <skin:genericNav> tag as it uses a few QofQ.

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